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Negros Model

We WouLD Be PosTinG THe PreTty GAL FoR ThE MonTh [HopE u GuyZ Don't MiNd...]
But....!!!! BeiNg PreTty DoeSnt NeceSsaRiLy MeAn YoU WuD POsSeSs An "aRtiSTa LoOk". BeiNg PreTty iS BeinG ComPAssiOnatE and LeArNinG To LOve OurSelVeS DesPiTe oUr FLawS and WeAkNess... We Are WiLLinG to EmbracE ouR ImPErFectIonS... ThRouGh This, PeoPLe WoulD sEE WhAt'S The ReAL "US" inSiDe...We Are CoNfiDenT eNouGh To FAce the TouGh WorLd oN ouR OwN... Let's ShoW thE GuYS ThAt GiRLs ArE NoT JuSt a PreTTy FacE


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