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Reason Why Foreigner Love to come in Philippines

Philippines will have pleasures in abundance for you! It’s a land of smiles, great food, and music everywhere!
But by just looking of this pictures there is no reason not to come in the paradise island of the Philippines.

Top Reasons to Visit the Philippines

Tropical Weather

  • Average temperatures are 30 degrees C, and the beaches are readily available everywhere, and they are clean and safe to swim in! White sandy beaches and beautiful tropical sun are a big reason why people come to the Philippines! Just make sure to enjoy your mid afternoon nap!


  • Filipinos love to smile! There’s no escaping it! When you leave your hotel room or apartment - wherever you’re staying, you will be greeted by smiles from the staff, then from ordinary people in the street, and in shops and stores and restaraunts!

Exchange Rate/ Cost of Living

  • At it’s lowest, $1 US is equivalent to around 50 Philippines Peso. This means a great standard of life for you! Lets look at it:

  1. The nice A/C hotel room: $20 US
  2. Renting a motorcycle per day: $3 US
  3. Enjoying a 3 course meal in a nice restaraunt: $4-5 US
  4. Buying a new blouse or T Shirt: $7 US

English Language is Widely Spoken

  • In fact, it’s one of the official languages of Philippines (along with Filipino - a derivative of Tagalog). If you are in any of the Cities, people will be more than happy to communicate with you in English!

Native Food

  • Food in the Philippines is something of an obsession. It can be sweet, savory, salty, or anything you want. It’s a unique fusion of asian cuisine with Spanish and American Influences! To imagine what it’s like, just imagine mexican food influenced by chinese food and you’ll understand.

Your personal favourites are here

  • Of course, if you like Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds,711 etc, Philippines has these also. For less than a quarter of the price of the same thing in US or Europe!

Filipino/Filipina disposition

  • Filipinos have a special kind of disposition which makes them famous and loved worldwide. Hard workers, Ardent party animals, non- confrontational people who always want to invite you to share any blessings they have! As noted before, they love to smile, so just soak it up and enjoy it! The people here are truly beautiful!

Filipinos Love Foreigners

  • Filipinos will do anything to make a foreigner feel at home when visiting in the Philippines. If you make a cultural mistake, don’t worry, the Filipino will know you are a foreigner and will make exception for you!

Beaches, Beer and Babes (for the Guys)

  • Most guys like to look at nice women, and they are here in abundance. With their brown silky skin and their jet black hair and their Big, genuine smiles, these women will have you enjoy yourself! In addition to that, beer can be bought here for less than a dollar per litre/ 50c for a bottle!

Malls, Pesos and Value (for the Girls)

  • The Philippines is FULL of malls! People here love to shop, and it’s amazing how little you will pay to enjoy yourself!

Medical and Dental Tourism!

  • You can get a medical checkup in the Philippines for $2-$3 US. You can have a hospital bed for $4US per night.


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