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Carla Abellana

Carla's Hit List :

1. Grey's Anatomy can get her glued to the TV, but she hasn’t been able to watch it regularly.
2. Brad Pitt makes her swoon “kasi he's the type na habang tumatanda, lalong guma-gwapo.”
3. "Because of You" by Brian McKnight is a memorable song because I sang it during my high school prom.
4. I loves reading the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.
5. My most recent memorable experience was when I took the G-Max challenge (or reverse bungee) in Singapore with my mom and sister.
6. I loves to watch films and my favorites include Cruel Intentions, Marley and Me, 16 Candles, The Joy Luck Club.
7. My fashion must-have is a little black dress.
8. isn’t into sports, but she’s into cheerleading and watches basketball.
9. My role model is my grandmother, veteran actress Delia Razon.
10. I loves spending my free time at the spa with my mom and my sister.


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