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Sam Pinto

For someone who grew up in a non-conventional family set-up, Sam is a well-adjusted gal. She grew up with her mom, since her parents parted ways early. Though a lawyer, her mom was the cool type, and Sam considers her mom as her closest friend. One anecdote that shows this is the time she wanted to have her ear pierced. She walked up to her mom to get her opinion on the cuter option: one piercing or two? Other moms would probably balk at the idea, but not Sams’ mom (who chose two, by the way). At the end of the day, both mother and daughter had ear-piercings and a day full of memories. Sam is not totally isolated from her dad, being able to see him once in a while. She has one other sibling, plus two half-siblings with her dad. She has grown accustomed to the fact that he now has a new life and has no hang-ups about it.

Instead of hiding under her shell, Sam decided to bloom and grow. At the age of 10, Sam was already exposed to the modeling scene. She has starred in several TV commercials, and her confidence brought her to try out for last year’s MYX Veejay Hunt. Though she was not able to bag the top prize, she refuses to be daunted. Sam is no stranger to pressure, after all. As a student of fashion design, Sam has to constantly come up with original and unique clothes. Not only does she come up with original creations, but she can also sew her own clothes! The pressure to develop new ideas is always present, but this does not hold her back. She just keeps on moving forward, grabbing whatever opportunities that come her way. Sam oozes with creativity, something which she can share with her fellow housemates.

Though her activities peg her as the extrovert, Sam admits she is quite timid amongst acquaintances. She prefers to be in the background, content with being the follower as she adjusts to her surroundings. With close friends, though, she allows herself to shine and is able to step up as a leader.


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