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Gwendoline Ruais is Ms World 2011 First Runner Up

Gwendoline Ruais is Ms World 2011 First Runner Up

Apparently it's still beauty contest season and I was unaware of it. Woke up this morning to the TV blasting the Ms World 2011 awards ceremony. There was also the Ms International tilt happening simultaneously.

French Pinay beauty Gwendoline Ruais placed first runner-up in the 2011 Ms World Beauty Contest held in the UK. She looks like a tranny, but she won so that's that!

Surprise! Suprise! (not!) Ms Venezuela won the crown. Not impressed.

Venezuelan beauty bets are known to undergo "Olympic-style" training prior to competing in these beauty pageants. Everything that can be fixed on these Venezuelan bets are fixed, including a flawed nose, flat chest or non-existent chin, but they can't or won't speak in English like the rest of the non-English speaking contestants. I suspect it's not the substance of their answers in the Q&A but the beauty of the Spanish language that win judges. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, I am so glad another Pinay beauty almost won in another international beauty contest. Not because I buy into the "beauty with a purpose" thing. It's because of two things:

First, winning first runner up means the media can finally shut their cameras and voice recorders on the overrated Shamcey Supsup, 3rd runner-up in the 2011 Ms Universe contest. Just shut it already. Jon Santos' impersonation of Shamcey Supsup is more interesting than any sound bite coming from the real thing. Sad, but it's time to pack up.

Second, first runner-up in the Ms World contest is equal to First Princess. This will, I hope, shut up everyone who continues to use the tag "second princess" on Ruffa Gutierrez. Please, the bitch is a has-been and her time was over a decade ago. Ruffa Gutierrez is so early 1990s.

Now, I suspect I'd get tired of Ms Gwendoline Ruais First Runner up 2011 Ms World sooner or later. The fawning from the reporters and photographers, blech! Beauty titlists are not the next coming of Christ!

And how about Diane Necio? Poor girl, or is it Poor, thank you girl? Her backer at the Ms International tilt is not as doggone persistent (or is it annoying?) as Cory Quirino of the Ms World Philippines org.

All Diane Necio won was some kind of People's Choice Awards through online voting. Well, at least she won something. Try again next time like Abby Cruz, a perennial Luz Valdez in local beauty contests. I almost feel sorry for Diane Necio, but she'll be an artista anyway. You can bet on it.


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